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From Bean to Bar

We at Holy Cacao are engaged from the moment the cacao bean is harvested by independent farmers all the way through the casting, cooling, and wrapping stages of the chocolate bar itself. This intensive and intimate process allows for a closely monitored chocolate making procedure that renders a far higher quality chocolate than that of factory production.

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Our Chocolate

Our wide variety of chocolate is crafted from the Bean to the Bar.

This procedure is exclusively practised in Israel by Holy Cacao, putting our award-winning chocolate a sumptuous bite above the rest.

Dark Chocolate

Experience Holy Cocoa’s exclusive Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate. Differing in cocoa percentages and geographical origin, one thing remains consistent in all of our specially crafted dark chocolate: unrivalled aroma, taste, and texture.

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Milk Chocolate

The flavor profile of a cacao bean varies depending on its geographical location. Humidity, altitude, soil type and seasonal shifts all play a crucial role in shaping the essence of a cacao bean. From Madagascar to Peru, Venezuela to Ecuador, Holy Cacao sensitively cultivates varying beans into homogenic bars that maximize the unique expression of each specific geographical region.

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We are Proud Winners of 8X International Chocolate Awards

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Chocolate Coated Delights

From coffee beans, to hazelnuts, cacao nibs and almonds we’ve got you covered!


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