We at Holy Cacao are engaged from the moment

the cacao bean is harvested

From the very beginning, being in touch with independent farmers, all the way through the casting, cooling, and wrapping stages of the chocolate bar itself. This intensive and intimate process allows for a closely monitored chocolate making procedure that renders a far higher quality chocolate than that of factory production.

Stage 1
Meeting Cacao Farmers World Wide

We personally travel to meet the farmers we work with to listen and learn from the harvesting experts.We do proper research in order to find knowledgeable and experienced local farmers from whom we cultivate our bean

Stage 2

Harvesting Cacao

We ensure that our beans are harvested by fair paid workers in ethical work environments.

Stage 3
Fermentation & Drying

The beans go through a variety of ingenious fermentation processes innovated by crafty cacao experts.

Stage 4


With proper care and handling the beans now start their long journey to the holy land.

Stage 5
Roasting & Winnowing

We separate the cocoa beans from other natural elements gathered in the harvesting process and gently roast them to extract premium aroma and flavour. We then winnow the beans by cracking the exterior, leaving the pure nib ready for refinement

Stage 6

Grinding & Refining

The the coarse husky bean is ground and mixed with natural sugar and then ground again into a super fine texture ready for casting.

Stage 7

The fine cocoa is now heated and cooled repetitively to harden it and turn it into castable cocoa and molded.

Stage 8


The cocoa is cast into bars and shipped out to our loyal and bean-to-bar loving customers!

Enjoy our short video showing how we make our chocolate by bean to bar

Our Values