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Blended Series

Our blended bars are comprised of a mix of exclusive cacao beans from all over the world. By experimenting with various flavour profiles from a variety of cacao beans, our blended bar is a perfectly balanced chocolatey synthesis of the best cacao mother nature has to offer. 

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Single Origin

The flavour profile of a cacao bean varies depending on its geographical location. From Madagascar to Peru, Venezuela to Ecuador, Holy cacao sensitively cultivates varying beans into homogenic bars that maximize the unique expression of each specific geographical region.

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Single Estate

Combining peak cacao craftsmanship with unerring farming expertise, our exclusive single estate chocolate bars are crafted from two of the most purebred cacao species available. Each of these bars from two seperate farms boast unrivaled aroma, flavour and texture. Don’t take our word for it. Taste and see for yourself.

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Milk Chocolate

Designed for the sweet tooth among us, our milk Chocolate bar boasts a creamy, smooth flavour without compromising on the natural bean flavour that we pride ourselves on.


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Chocolate Covered Delights

Discover a world within a world by biting into our chocolate covered delicacies. These delightful little treats are roasted and coated specifically to accentuate the core nestled inside of our special dark chocolate.

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Gift Chocolate Packages

Show your love and appreciation for others or for yourself with our unique chocolate package. Including a variety of Milk and Dark Chocolates, anyone opening this bounty will be treated to a hand picked selection of our very finest chocolates.

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