Single Estate

Combining peak cacao craftsmanship with unerring farming expertise, our exclusive single estate chocolate bars are crafted from the most exclusive cacao species available. Each of these bars boast unrivaled aroma, flavor and texture. Don’t take our word for it. Taste and see for yourself.


Thought to have been lost due to a century long disappearance, this rare species has regained its rightful stature as the royalty of cacao. Since its rediscovery, one farm in a valley of Peru near the Marañon river is reviving the legendary bean to worldwide recognition.
Personified by strong floral notes and an undertone of raisin that elegantly emphasizes the solid cacao base flavor. A cacao symphony in one expertly crafted bar.

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Camino Verde

Not far from the iconic port city of Guayaquil in Ecuador, a man named Vincente Norero has spent a lifetime passionately perfecting the delicate art of cacao farming. Using innovative methods of bean fermentation,
Vincente coaxes out some of the most exquisite flavors that cacao has to offer. Over the years Vincente has become a close friend that gives continual guidance to the Holy Cacao family. This specific bar exhibits floral and fig accents combined with rich chocolate tones.

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We Make Our Chocolate

From the Bean to the Bar

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