– Our Story –

Ten years ago we set out to learn how each stage of the chocolate making process affects the final product. Through dedication, an eagerness to learn and an undying passion for cacao, we have gained intimate knowledge of all things chocolate

We Believe In

Fair treatment and compensation of the cacao farmers we work with is part and parcel of our operation. We personally travel to meet the farmers we work with to listen and learn from the harvesting experts.

We Oversee the Chocolate Making Process

Each stage of creating our chocolate is done with unparalleled attention, care, and dedication. We personally oversee the quality and supervision of each bean that makes our chocolate unique.

We Deliver to Our Customers

Throughout our ten years of business one thing has remained as consistent as ever: Our uncompromising commitment to our loyal customers.

Our Values

We are Proud Winners of 8X International Chocolate Awards

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