Combining peak cacao craftsmanship with unerring farming expertise, our exclusive single estate chocolate bars are crafted from the most exclusive cacao species available. Each of these bars boast unrivaled aroma, flavor and texture. Don’t take our word for it. Taste and see for yourself.

אנחנו בשלבים אלו בהקמה של חנות אינטרנטית חדשה
עמכם הסליחה

About Holy Cacao

With exceptional care and attention to detail, our expert chocolate makers at Holy Cacao are intimately engaged at every step of the chocolate making process.

From the moment the cacao bean is harvested by independent farmers all the way through the casting, cooling, and wrapping stages of the chocolate bar itself.

This procedure known as Bean to Bar is exclusively practiced in Israel by Holy Cacao, putting our award- winning chocolate a sumptuous bite above the rest.

Contact Info

Ma'ale Chever Industrial Zone Pnei Hever

Phone: +9722-991-3182



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