Single Origin

The flavor profile of a cacao bean varies depending on

its geographical location. Humidity, altitude, soil type and seasonal shifts all play a crucial role in shaping the essence

of a cacao bean. From Madagascar to Peru, Venezuela to Ecuador, Holy Cacao sensitively cultivates varying beans into homogenic bars that maximize the unique expression of each specific geographical region.

70% Peru

This bar comes from the San Martin Region of the Peruvian Amazon. 8 years ago Holy Cacao began a project growing our own cacao. Today we have 4 different varieties growing on the property and also work with our neighbours, harvesting and processing together. The chocolate made is truly the fruit of our hard labor.

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70% Ecuador

The cacao used in this bar is the Nacional Arriba. It is characterized by floral jasmine like tones with a rich earthy chocolate base. The flavor is further enhanced by proprietary fermentation techniques which accent nut like flavors.

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70% Madagascar

The Sambirano region supplies this unique cacao. The natural flavors found in this varietal can be citrus fruit with some hazelnut accents.

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70% Venezuela

The cacao in this bar hails from Paria, Venezuela from the watchful estates of Casa Franceschi. This family has been protecting and propogating the best Venezulan cacaos for over 100 years. The cacaos in this chocolate are a blend of Sur del Lago, Rio Caribe and Caranerso types.

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